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Deep Red Technologies develops innovative software solutions for a variety of operating systems and devices.

A wholly owned South African company, we have been developing software suited to the needs of professionals and organisations since 2004. Our products enable companies locally and internationally , from large blue-chip enterprises to small businesses, to benefit from a more efficient means of managing their organisations.


Ambium is an advanced software solution for managing an organisation's occupational health requirements. The range of features includes:

  • Patient/employee management
  • Risk based medical surveillance
  • Fit-for-duty medical testing
  • Computerised audiometry, spirometry and vision screening
  • Referrals, vaccinations, scripts and other primary health concerns
  • Reporting and business intelligence
  • Fingerprint identification and verification
  • Electronic signatures
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Honeywell Titmus Software

Honeywell Titmus Software is specialised software developed for the Honeywell V4 & S1400 range of Titmus vision screening devices. Based on the Ambium platform, it is distributed by Honeywell Safety Products in the USA and other countries.

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