Welcome to Deep Red Technologies

Deep Red Technologies is a software development company specialising in the development of desktop and enterprise Java software applications.

About Us

Deep Red Technologies was founded in 2004. They provide Occupational Health & Safety software to many of the largest blue-chip companies in Africa.


8 May, 2016 -- AMS 2016.04

The May 2016 release (2016.04) of African Management Software is a roll-up of all the updates to 2016.01 to support Milestone Audiogram tracking and reporting. Additionally, integration with SoundEar records noise levels in the testing facility. download...

May, 2015 -- Introducing AMS Enterprise

AMS Enterprise is a completely re-architectured version of African Management Software. It is designed to support large, enterprise clients that have multiple clinics but would like to manage their operations centrally. Both in-cloud or on-premise deployment models are supported. Please contact us for details.

1 November, 2011 -- Titmus Software

Deep Red Technologies and Inyanga Software launch Honeywell Titmus Software for use with the Titmus range of Vision screeners. more...

12 May, 2010 -- Deeper Red

Deep Red Technologies has undergone a major re-branding exercise.

30 April, 2004 -- Deep Red launches AMS

African Management Software is an occupational health & safety management application developed specifically for the South African market. more...